APPPLE FAN BOi is a pet project where I am taking my passion for technology and sharing it with others. 

Where will it go? I don't know. At this point I am merely using this as an outlet to share news and information about something I am interested in. 

I'd like to invite everyone along for the journey. If you have an interest in Apple products, the company or the people who are making it happen this will be interesting to you. 


I'm am a lifelong technology nerd who has always been an early adopter of new ways to communicate.

I have a variety of passions, but am a master of none. My main interests are computing and telephony, and how they are changing the world we live in.

I am a native of Florida and enjoy the beach lifestyle. I am a bit of a futurist, especially when it comes to technology.

I'm an early adopter of new innovations


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